Britt Marie Hermes Fact Check was established to provide an unbiased analysis of the claims that Britt Marie Hermes (Britt Marie Deegan) has made, and is making, about Naturopathic Medicine, its educational system, and its practitioners.

For the past year she promoted herself as an expert on Naturopathic Medicine, having left the profession because of her unsuccessful time as a practitioner. It’s clear that she has an agenda against the profession while claiming to be an expert. She has consistently lied, and left out important facts when discussing aspects of the Naturopathic Medicine, its educational system and its practitioners. Accusations have been made that she is being paid by the pharmaceutical industry, although they haven’t been substantiated. What is clear, is that she was unsuccessful during her short time as a practitioner and now has an agenda against the profession.

Naturopathic medicine shouldn’t be exempt from criticism. Medical doctors shouldn’t be exempt from criticism. Patient care is the ultimate responsibility and those charged with it should be open to scrutiny. That criticism should be fair and not be disguised as being fair.  One disgruntled practitioner with an agenda shouldn’t be allowed to drive the discussion. This site is dedicated to providing an unbiased analysis of her claims.

If you are interested in fact checking some of the claims made by Britt Hermes at her blog, The Naturopathic Diaries or on her twitter feed, send an email to submissions (at) brittmariehermesfactcheck (dot) com (replace the at and dot with their respective characters – @, .).